Xerox Kiosk 
We Designed a customized module for Xerox that could be easily set up as a Kiosk at job fairs to capture recruiting data from potential job seekers. This module also took into account being displayed on multiple devices, such as; mobile, tablet and online. We wanted to have a fun, interactive display depicting actual people who had scanned their image profile into a colour scanner with objects they felt best represented who they were, a digital "self-portrait". 

This was used an interactive campaign to capture new job seekers entering the job market, i.e. new graduated students, etc. The Kiosk attracted many job seekers, at one point witnesses said that there was a long line up of people interested in the module, creating excitement at the job fair for Xerox and also being successful at capturing the job seeker data from the event.

Copy and Design credited to Christine Brown

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