HRSDC Federal Government of Canada
Marketing Communications, Web & eLearning Campaign
As part of a two year effort, HRSDC was launching a new website that would consolidate over 170 department branch sites into one site. Given the impact of this site to thousands of internal citizen facing employees, the web launch sorely needed marketing communications support. As part of a diverse team, we identified a project plan and were on site for an aggressive launch, just 3 1/2 weeks away.
Started by rewriting e-mail campaign content to include better marketing positioning and improved instructional content to make all content easier to understand and learn from. Then created a themed look & feel that could capture the mandate and energy of the HRSDC initiative. The creative included an interactive e-learning tool, banner ad campaigns, powerpoint templates for front line managers, e-mail communications, a frontline manager’s toolkit with a downloadable print poster and powerpoint presentation. All materials were produced in English and French.
The work introduced a new standard for internal change initiatives and how federal online initiatives can be properly supported by marketing communications and making the transition of information more seamless and accessible to internal services.
Client’s Comments::
“I just want to say thank you for all the work that you did on the Interactive Quick Tour. It is finally live on the Intranet site and accessible to all HRSDC and SDC employees! I think it looks great – you did a super job. Excellent work! It’s done! I’m so pleased!
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