Product Design Lead for RBC ATM ReDesign:

Leading a team of Copywriters, UX Designers, Animators, and Visual Designers to create the next generation of ATMs to include a better user experience for RBC clients. Focus was creating a more seamless design that was consistent with all other RBC Channels. 

Created use cases, IA structure, process maps, testing plans, frame works documentation, which included: Marketing, KIOSK hardware specifications, trilingual languages, accessibility standards, and legal and business requirements and the primary focus was the end user and creating the best experience at an ATM machine that would reflect RBC's key objectives of being Fast, Secure and Easy. Also, lead stakeholder meetings to review concept and prototype designs with Product leads.

UX Team included: Marieta S_Copy, Sophie C_VD, Nadia K_UXD, Amrita S_UXD, Keston C_IXD, James M_CGI

*This work is still in progress so unable to show actual work.
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