I’m Christine E. Brown, Creative Director / Product Design Lead and a multidisciplinary lead designer and visual artist, who likes to understand people, solve problems, and craft meaningful experiences.
GEGEP / Plastique Arts / Graphic Design // University of Ottawa BFA / Honours // MSc // Sheridan College Post Grad / IM /UX Design // IIT Institute of Design / Post Grad / CX/UX Strategy
CX DIRECTOR / PRODUCT DESIGN LEAD /  UX /  DESIGNER // CB3creative I 2005 - current 2024 (FREELANCE) (REMOTE) (GLOBAL) (EMBEDDED)    Available for 2024      
As a Product Design Lead, I oversee all digital product design and in leading the design team in building products, My creative experience and specialization gives me in-depth insights into product design while using UI and UX principles that help me make design decisions based on insights from analyzing user requirements and research compiled and based on the specific product being developed.
- Experience in leading multiple projects while sharing work with other product designers. Can guide UX and other design teams through the creation and application of UX and Creative Strategies.
- Collaborating with cross-functional leadership (stakeholders, product managers, executives)
- Experience in conducting working sessions with clients to capture primary requirements of project and product solutions.
- A thorough understanding of research through conducting  user interviews.
- Ability to guide user research and create new frameworks for approaching user analytics
- Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, capturing insights from user interviews, interaction, and observation to create the "best in class" product for users.
- Deep knowledge of translating concepts into flows, user stories, wireframes, mock-ups, journey maps and prototypes based on user requirements, testing and assessing and implementing those new findings into the final product.
- Experience in mentoring and inspiring teams to grow and participate in the design process and helping designers to "own" their designs by encouraging them to defend their designs, but also be able to listen to constructive feedback.
- Participate in and provide regular opportunities for professional development and growth to the team.
- Adept at observing humans and how they relate to using a product, not just verbally, but also physically.
- Disruptor and innovator in the field of user experience and creative thinking. Always asking, "Why?".
- Experience in principles of accessibility (WCAG & AODA compliancy)
- developing brand identities through multi-channel marketing and ensuring designs and content reflect consistently and positively the brand image and translates to the company ideals.
- Experience in applying design, copy and online / digital leading practices.
- Excellent professional skills, such as negotiation, project management, and leadership
- Ability to review, edit, and provide estimates and requirements for clients.
- Report progress of projects at major stages  of their timeline. From Conception, creation, testing, and execution.
- Experience working with AI.
Volunteer position for OWRAisst - Foster Care
Our Purpose is to find loving forever homes for Weimaraners who are in less than ideal situations.
C0 FOUNDER / CX DIRECTOR // TRITO I 2017 - current 2024 
Working with the US and European offices and working closely with the VP of Digital / IT and Marketing, developed and oversaw the creative vision and strategy for corporate and product branding, product UI, AI, marketing campaigns, video, and project initiatives from concept to execution, while solving complex user challenges through workshops, surveys, testing,  customer and client feedback.  From feedback to prototypes to retest and implement clean and clear designs to successfully allow the user to flow through the site with ease of use from search to shopping cart, giving each user a custom (customer experience based on their shopping requirements). Once new site was launched sells increased by 48%, and retained existing clients and generated new clients to a new easier shopping experience.
- Managed and refined the visual identity for online and UI product interfaces for users ensuring consistency across all platform channels.
- Led creative / dev team in building/ maintaining/contributing to design systems and component libraries to increase productivity and maintaining a seamless design over all components.
- Led and mentored team to maintain required accessibility standards on multiple platforms. Following all AODA, WCAG and W3c compliance guidelines.
- PLG experience.(Product-led Growth)
- Led Design interviews with users and internal teams.
Worked with CEO of ALMEX HOPE to increase and engage new and existing users / patronage. Developing new branding for on and offline channels. 
Worked as a product design lead / designer on contract with the Almex Group to rebuild their online presence for mobile, web, kiosk, trade shows, and product lines, developed and designed new product labels, redesign of branding material and video advertising and interactive kiosks for trade shows and training.
Leading a team of Copywriters, UX Designers, Animators, and Visual Designers to create the next generation of ATMs to include a better user experience for RBC clients. Focus was creating a more seamless design that was consistent with all other RBC Channels. 
Created use cases, IA structure, process maps, testing plans, frame works documentation, which included: Marketing, KIOSK hardware specifications, trilingual languages, accessibility standards, and legal and business requirements and the primary focus was the end user and creating the best experience at an ATM machine that would reflect RBC's key objectives of being Fast, Secure and Easy. Also, led stakeholder meetings to review concept and prototype designs with Product Managers and executive stakeholders.
Led a team of UX Designers, researchers, and worked with back-end solution architects to provide valuable research design and strategy for improving work flow for the CSM users that would also create a better public facing customer experience and strengthen the brand experience overall. 
- Conducted user research and analyzed data for the existing financial CSM application.
- Created and interviewed users in how they used the current system and what could be improved to increase their productivity and lower stress in their work environment.
- Reviewed competition.
- Presented findings to the Executive team and stakeholders. 
-Mentored and provided feedback to the team.
-Led break-out discovery sessions.
-Developed reports and outcomes.
With the creation of the umbrella brand of Yukon Hospital Corporation, a new digital presence was needed. Bringing together Whitehorse, Watson Lake and Dawson City Clinics and hospitals.
The new Yukon Hospitals website was launched in early 2015, and centralized and formalized how the YHC presents and administers the services offered at the three separate hospitals (Whitehorse, Watson Lake, and Dawson City). The website project included the redesign and development of a fully responsive website, complete with custom mobile website.
Website features include dynamic landing pages with smart layout to adapt to available content, a gallery with images, slideshows, and videos, and an interactive timeline showing the history of health care in Yukon. Job listings for all locations have also been centralized with the new website, increasing recruitment efficiency.
For internal use by YHC staff, a publishing workflow was implemented on the website so that many user roles can edit content, but all of the content must be submitted through the websites’ approval system before being published to the live website. Past iterations of content are archived so that it is available for future reference as well.
Overall, the centralization of digital information for YHC vastly improves the user experience for patients, YHC staff, and all residents of Yukon.
Provided strategic direction for overall user experience for the AutoTrader Mobile App.
- Reviewed and Analysis of current app.
- Reviewed competition.
- Interviewed current users.
- Made recommendations to stakeholders.
- Collected feedback from stakeholders reviewed and made changes as per accessibility requirements.
- Based on feedback and research, built flows, wireframes and prototypes, tested and refinement to create leading user experience.

UX STRATEGY CONSULTANT / UX RESEARCHER // Desjardins (Zag Mobile Project)
Private sector and Interactive design experience as a UX Researcher and Consultant working with the financial institution. Researching for internal and employee-facing products and systems. This included:
- Conducted various UX Research methodologies such as; usability testing, unmoderated, A/B, conducting interviews with end users, etc.
- Conducted competitive analysis for similar financial institutions. 
- Designed and led stakeholder work sessions. Reviewing end-to-end product experience in current state and how to modify, improve and build best of bread user experience by supporting new designs from ideation to launch in an agile environment.
- Presented research and analysis to stakeholders, advocating design ideas in cross-functional settings, and fostered a strong stakeholder relationships between each product owner.
CREATIVE DIRECTOR  // Monster Canada I 2010 - 2012
The focus of the Staples Career site was not to focus on the same old "About us" , "Our History" , or just a list of job sections of a career site. We wanted to focus on The People at Staples, not in what they do at Staples, but who they are and how they apply those qualities and skills to their current positions at Staples. For example, Shannon might be a Retail Process Specialist at Staples, but she has volunteered in the past as a host for a leadership conference to encourage action and advocacy for children around the world and so much more. We wanted to capture the voice and culture of the people working at Staples, showing diversity at work and in their personal goals.
We customized each photo shoot to capture each individual. We asked each model (real employee) to bring in a prop that represented who they were as a person and how that reflects in their jobs on a daily basis. From this new design, marketing loved it so much, it was developed into a nationwide campaign. It also was published in a news article on ere.net and print, "People Are the Stars of Staples", New Career Site: posted Nov 10, 2011.
Provided, Visual Design, illustration, Creative Direction and Copy.

As the consultant on this project I personally oversaw the design and completion of the Medical Supply Direct (MSD) brand based in the US and Canada for print and online eCom initiatives.This also included;
- Designing of usability scenarios, navigational flow, flowcharts and evaluation of the site on structure, flow and content to enhance the user experience.
- Led creative concepts and strategy with clients, via workshop interactive sessions.
- Maintained the brand standards for MSD to provide consistency to look and feel of the site and marketing material for print and online.
- Launched comprehensive online catalogue for MSD, to build brand awareness on and off line.
- Researched and tested for best of breed for eCom user experiences.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR // VerticalChaos Agency I 2005 - 2010 
As Creative Director designed and re-branded all clients marketing material; including KIA Motors Canada, Sigmacon, Speciality Medical Supply, Guy Brown Medical and GLoomis Canada.
- Managed Creative Studio and its diverse mix of creative resources including; art production, visual designers, animation designers, copywriters, production artists, developers and freelance resources.
- Led and designed creative concepts and strategy with clients and product principals.
- Assumed the role of Project Manager through phased approached project lifecycles.
- Exceeded business expectations and doubled sales for Specialty Medical as the new online eCom site was launched. This led to further SEO marketing and email marketing campaigns. 
- KIA Motors new extranet build; including a content management system for client updates, new vehicle rollouts and press releases. Successfully building relationships with automotive journalists and other related media targets.
- Increased product awareness and traffic for specific products and also marketing campaigns within North America.
- Developed rich media promotional features for KIA Motors primary online site Kia.ca (B2C). Synchronized with campaign efforts in other broadcast mediums to provide a concise and fluid customer and brand experience.
- Launched comprehensive online catalogue for Sigmacon Esthetics, building their brand awareness and leveraging the web to drive workshops, training and PR launches of their new product lines for B2B.

Developed, sustained and managed client brands and their strong distinct identities. Focusing on UX, IA and UCD practices. As a team leader in a multi-faceted group we offered seamless expertise in different time zones and countries. Engaging business development processes and ultimately winning and retaining accounts. Strong client side management methodologies supported by production locations on and off site local and globally. These engagement models kept projects on time and on budget.
WCG Project Highlights:
World Community Grid (WCG)
Led Creative Team in the design of the visual identity and ux designs for WCG and the worldcommunitygrid.org. Collaborating with WCG Executives, volunteers, designers, medical researchers, and development teams from across the Globe to create a unique technical platform for solving scientific data for large scale projects with a human impact. 
The success of this project still continues today, winning multiple accolades internationally and successfully running reports for major research projects, such as; FightAids@Home, Help Fight Childhood Cancer, and to what started it all, the Human Proteome. 
** Won Coffey International Award and Top 100 Innovations Award at IBM, etc.
MLSE Project Highlights:
Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE)
Led Creative Team in the design and re-branding of mapleleafs.com website, including brand extensions of existing and new logos for print, environment signage, Leafs TV, on-line identity, gaming, social media and product merchandising for fan based and promotional campaign swag.
This redesign became the template for all the NHL teams moving forward.
** Won 2 Applied Arts Design Awards for new site design, branding and entertainment.
CIBC Project Highlights:
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
Led a Creative Team for a 2nd round of a short list pitch to CIBC executive stakeholders with an aggressive timeline to present.
Led the pitch, highlighting our agencies depth and our winning creative / dev team, along with the winning creative designs proposed to the executive team. We were successful in winning the account out of many other best-in-class agencies in North America, confirming that the Innovation Studios creative and brand focus was as independent  and strong as our technical expertise to produce a seamless integration of design and technology for the new online banking experience for CIBC stakeholders, but also their clients new and current.
The project was so successful for our team that CIBC made us AOR and we also expanded their online products to include; CIBC National Bank, CIBC VeriSign, Amicus, CIBC Investor's Edge, Marketplace Bank, Safeway Select Bank, Phase 2 of CIBC.com and PC Financial. All sites were launched in multiple languages seamlessly. 
** Retained client relationship for the Innovation Centre as the AOR for multiple years for all online marketing and user experience projects.
RBC Project Highlights:
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Creative Director for all  RBC online initiatives, this included public facing platforms, intranet and extranet.
Our team provided UX, Visual and Content development strategies. Conducted strategy workshops with each  department / product stakeholder. Presented final creative designs, wireframes, flows and testing results too Stakeholders. 
Managed production meetings with internal / external production teams in multiple time zones.
Oversaw the re-design and the visual identity for the online RBC brands, collaborated with RBC's internal brand management and marketing teams to provide consistent message across all channels.
Developed the RBC Brand maintenance guidelines, organized workshop events for RBC employees, including learning sessions for the RBC internal staff to move forward in maintaining their own online presence. 
Our Team consisted of Project Managers, Product owners, UI / UX / Visual Designers, Developers, Content Copywriters, Internal RBC Legal, Testing, IT Architects, and Cyber Securities.
** Retained client relationship for the Innovation Centre as the AOR for multiple years for all online marketing, content strategy, maintenance and UX focused projects.
Key design contributor for the new branding of the Intrawest Resorts in traditional and online presence This included: Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, Whistler/Blackcomb, Copper Mountain, Snowshoe Mountain Resort, Stratton Ski Resort, and Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. This also included the re-design of the corporate website, Intrawest.com. As a team we looked at how users booked their stays at the resorts, used current online booking and also the physical experience at each resort. Intrawest's mission was too, "Create memorable experiences for their guests". We took Intrawest's mission and applied that to their online presence to create a seamless customer experience from online to the guest's actual stay at the resort. From booking, finding guides, and local events, and custom vacation plans. This physical and online expansion increased revenue and bookings.

ART DIRECTOR  // The Learning Edge Agency / HHOF PROJECT I 1997 - 1998 
Key design contributor to the development of the “Global Game Encounter”  for the Hockey Hall of Fame. This Included creative design for the HHOF kiosks, viewing screens, and websites for the HHOF and the IIHF. Also designed event installations for the “World Exhibits” and the IOC.   
I've been delivering creative campaigns for over 20 years, formally trained in the visual arts,
design, and in CX/UX design strategy, focusing on engaged online experiences with some
of the world's most recognized brands and also some up-and-coming brands too!

I love to help people solve their problems big or small. I work as a Freelance Creative
 Thinker and live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Canada. I work remotely across the
 globe (Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Europe, etc) and in person within the GTA.

I currently share my studio space with my beloved Weimaraner, and when not creating, I
 love hiking with my fur baby and donating my talent to great causes.

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